Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

The sun rose again today, its golden embrace shining down on our necks and chests, and nothing in this moment cloaks our sun-soaked skin from the ceaseless rays like a lightweight fabric -- the perfect scarf for a hot summer day.

Delicate, breezy and breathable, the Late Sunday summer scarves keep the sun at bay whilst keeping us draped in the present moment, nowhere to be and nothing to do except what lies right before us. An ocean of possibility, a deep dive into the now.

The Summer Feeling

We've waited months for this feeling: grains of sand stuck between our fingers, the billowing breeze cooling our glowing bodies and the sea-stained hair we'll soon take home to our pillows not soon to be washed clean, all with the majestic colors of a radiant sunset in the rearview. It's in these moments we wrap ourselves snugly in our most coveted summer garment, feeling the ebb and flow of a perfect summer day, where the hot finds its cool and the light meets the night.

Whether the summer wallet begs for affordable scarves or handmade, the two are never mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to fewer, better things in life.

Adaptability Meets Sustainability

The true beauty lies in the adaptability of each scarf. There's a fabric, color and sensation for each season, a practicality of protective layers that meets an incomparable aesthetic. The perfect summer scarf style can be an effortless body wrap one minute, a beach bum cloak or a vibrant bohemian head wrap the next.
Whether a simple infusion of summer color, like pulling the sunset into your wardrobe or a floral pattern to match the smells of hot summer nights, there's a little bit of every in our Venetian artisan shop, handmade and hanging in our windows as we speak.

Handcrafted from the softest locally-sourced fabrics that our hands have ever touched or our shoulders have ever known, summer and sustainability have never been closer than the very moment we towel off from a crisp, refreshing swim and drape ourselves in a summer cocoon, letting the sun drench our hair and send us down for a late afternoon siesta. 

For all the summer memories, moments to be documented and shared, there's a simple, sustainable style right here waiting for you, begging to wrap itself around you, just like the morning sun when it greets your beautiful, shining face.

To love, happiness, adventure and mystery.