Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

It's one thing to have high-quality handmade goods that you make and sell in-house, but it's a whole other thing to have a brand ethos that stands for a much higher purpose. Late Sunday Afternoon may be a retail store on the surface, but anyone who has visited the shop knows that it goes much deeper in meaning and much higher in its form of communication.

The shop, itself, is a refuge for a present moment from the rest of the busy world, blessed with intention by the people who work here for the people who pass through our quaint space with the hopes of taking some Late Sunday vibes back out into the world. Those blessings exist on each scarf made in our production room in the form of four hand-tied knots.

The 4 Knots: To Love, Happiness, Adventure & Mystery

pocket square

Each handmade item begins with cotton and knit dead-stock fabrics rescued from its peril and brought back into its life cycle within our production room, where we cut and sew four-color edges along the sides that meet at the corners. The runoff threads where the two sides meet create nontraditional scarf corners that are then tied into four knots. Each knot is a blessing to love, happiness, adventure and mystery. 

That's the Late Sunday way.

That means each knot is done by a team member, whilst in their present moments, offering these blessings to the person who will eventually bring them into their home, adorn their bodies with and take them back out into the world as an expression of themselves.

It's in this walking meditation we're hoping to inspire people to be kinder to themselves and each other, to remember that, someone somewhere in this world, has blessed their day. That feeling can be passed along to another in the most positively impactful way -- through connection, community and conversation.

A Walking Meditation

Words cannot always express what is going on inside, which is why our scarves are meant as a quiet reminder to dive inward, stay present with the people and nature that surrounds us and to keep that feeling of being alive, along with the gratitude attached, ever-present and at the forefront when we come into contact with people throughout our waking lives. A walking meditation, no matter when or where you are.

Self-Love Scarves  scarf knot

No matter where you are in your life, this is a good time to remind yourself that you are enough and you have enough. For the fewer, better things in life, choose that which has intention and improves your quality of life and the raises the frequency of your every-day existence, a consistent self-love.

To clothing that speaks to a higher form of communication, something that can be passed along to bless your days and all the days ahead for those you love and connect with.

Walk with that feeling as often as you can, then pass it along.

To love, happiness, adventure and mystery.