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Like any wild adventure, becoming a dad is fraught with unpredictable and unlikely moments, all of which come to be in the most terrifying (and terrifyingly hilarious) fashion. All the more reason to celebrate another year of surviving and advancing the circus of parenthood this Father's Day, and no celebration would be complete without the perfect gift or gift card for Father's Day.

That's where we come in.

For the uninitiated, being a dad may seem pretty luxurious -- hosting backyard barbecues and coaching little league games -- from a distance, but up close the reality is far cry away. Sure, fatherhood is the preferred role, given the lack of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding involved -- you also get that #1 dad mug -- but if you ask any new dad how it's honestly going, you may not love what you hear.

To be clear, it's a daily assault on one's mental health, blood pressure and the ever-unpopular idea of keeping your dreams alive for every adult involved. What starts as a fun exploration into what it'd feel like to be a semi-successful standup comedian, delivering consistent laughs in a timely manner quickly morphs into sleepless nights, daily rejections and exhausting struggles to make a lasting bond with an irrational being who sees you more as a buddy than a person of authority. It's a social experiment of giving a body on the brink of failure the endless tasks of selling sleep to the excitable, to feed vegetables to a fruitarian and to clothe the forever nude. And yet, you wouldn't trade this mess for anything else in this world.

It can be as brutal as it is beautiful, and, aside from a morning to sleep in or a hot cappuccino in place of a shrill scream to wake up to, the only tangible thing that will put a smile on dad's face this year might be a thoughtful handmade present (that you don't have to make).

Tell you more? Gladly.

Here are our top staff picks for quality handmade gifts dad is sure to love. We also recommend coupling these with a back scratch or pancake breakfast with berries (those colorful fruits he got to eat before he had kids) this Sunday.

Standard Scarf

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Apollo Hoodie

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Beach Blanket

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Denim Neck Tie

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Baseball Cap

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Watchman Beanie

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To all you dads out there: You're doing great. Just continue to show up, both for your children and yourselves. How we show up for ourselves is how we show up for others. Here's to love, happiness, adventure and mystery, all of which can be traced back to those sleepless nights and dirty diapers.