Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

As the days grow longer and hotter, one thing on everyone's mind is summer travel. How do we afford to do it all without sweating it too much? No matter where you land, the best affordable scarves for summer (and for your wallet) may be closer than you think, and they make the perfect travel companion.

Accessorize Affordably

The summer scarf is the unsung hero of accessories. It's lightweight, protective and practical and takes up little to no room in the suitcase. A pair of old jeans and a fresh tee is quickly transformed into an unmatchable summer style with a simple knotting technique.

It's the little things people notice most, the thought and care that goes into how we appear in the world. These aren't just scarves but walking reminders of how we show up in our lives and how we show up for others.

As with most things in this world, a little goes a long way.


Aesthetically Appealing

These lightweight fabrics are only the beginning. There's the sustainability of rescuing dead-stock fabrics and breathing new life into them with each wear. There's the visually stunning colors, floral patterns and line work that each fabric we choose puts out into the world. There's the uniqueness of each corner, knotted and blessed to love, happiness, adventure and mystery by one of our artisan team members.

But most importantly, there's the visceral feeling you get when you put one of our scarves on, and there's the feeling you give to each person you come into contact with, bringing them into your little world, if only momentarily. It's the most appealing aesthetic there is, the ability to say so much with something so simple and quiet.


Viscerally Versatile

The beauty of our scarves is in the versatility. There is no occasion they don't work for, no season to count them out of. From delicate knits to soft cottons, vibrant to earthy tones and moody to cheerful colors, there's a versatile yet essential appeal that comes from each scarf. It's really about matching the mood you're in, the events of the day or where you're hoping you'll land in the end.

A simple summer scarf, a worthy yet affordable investment, can add a touch of joy to a dark day, a hint of optimism to a grim event or a down payment on a soft landing after a rough start. It can be as simple as the perfect companion to a beautiful summer day, keeping you snug throughout your daily travels, well into the evening.

Ultimately, the hope is to inspire positive impact when and where there's space for it. And it all starts with investing in yourself, the fewer better things in life and the hope that something as innocuous as a summer scarf might make all the difference today. Something visceral, something real.

To love, happiness, adventure and mystery.

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