Peachy Sunset Bandana

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Meet our Peachy Sunset Bandana - a delightful accessory boasting summery stripes and crafted from soft, lightweight cotton. This bandana is the epitome of easy-breezy style, whether you wear it as a headband, a necktie, or use it to add a touch of charm to your bag. It's the perfect accompaniment for a stylish, sun-kissed look.

All of our pieces are hand-cut deadstock, no two exactly the same (kinda like us).



Details & Care

Hand wash with cold water and hang dry.

Size & Fit

Approx. 24 in x 24 in


Late Sunday Afternoon is more than a brand; it's an invitation to savor serene moments and express timeless style. Rooted in the spirit of self-reflection and conscious living, LSA offers fashion that is both unconventional and universally appealing. With a commitment to functional, whimsical, and weathered aesthetics, each piece tells a story of love, happiness, adventure, and mystery. Embrace the essence of LSA – a brand that extends a symbolic hug through its creations, fostering warmth, connection, and a celebration of the present moment.