Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret


    Surf fill style from California #9

    Surf fill style from California #9

    Hello Everyone!

    It’s Kazue your Stylist, straight from California.

    This time, I would like to introduce a fabulous shop that is a hit among surfers in L.A. Located just off Venice Beach on Lincoln Blvd, the place is called “Late Sunday Afternoon.”

    The name "Late Sunday Afternoon" implies a leisurely late weekend vibe, and the store, handmade using DIY methods, is filled with vintage materials and the warmth of wood.

    The shop primarily features scarves and ties, along with selected sweats, miscellaneous goods, and surf books for sale. The scarves and ties are crafted from deadstock materials, and the scraps are transformed into small scarves for children's facilities or into cushions for dogs, which are then donated to various institutions, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

    As of March 2024, "Late Sunday Afternoon" is handling women's items at RHC Ron Herman in Japan.

    This edition’s featured surfer is Matthew, the founder of this Shop.

    “Surfing brought me to L.A. Paddling out to the sea is the most meaningful thing on this planet for me. Being in the water frees my whole process from any ego and integrates me with my best self. To me, surfing is a place that clears fragments of the mind, heals the body, and connects my spirit with the great Mother Earth.”

    For tops, Matthew uses a white one-tone layer and adds a tie from LSA as an accent, which matches the color of the bottoms. Although it's hard to see in the photos, the color of the stitching at the end of the tie is also beautiful. The tag on this long-sized tie spells out 'Love, Happiness, Adventure, Mystery.' The balance with cropped pants and high-cut shoes is just perfect. His sense of style really shines.

    Matthew is often at the shop, so be sure to stop by when you visit L.A.

    Thank you, Matthew!

    Stay Cool!

    Matthew Schildkret

    Founder and president of Late Sunday Afternoon

    Today’s Coordination

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    Becker, Barahona Surfboards

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    Scotch & Soda, Garrett Leight, Prince Street Pizza

    Favorite Shops
    Late Sunday Afternoon ; )

    Favorite Surf Spots
    The Breakwater Venice Beach California



    Kazue Mizushima

    A fashion stylist active in a wide range of fields from high fashion to beach casual, and in media, shows, movies, and music videos. A lover of beach culture, she moved to California, which she adores, and sharing its allure has become one of her life's works.
    intagram: @kazuemizushima

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    • date : Mar 29, 2024

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