Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

Giving new life to old memories

For years, we have independently been asked by many of you to take your loved one's items and make them into wearable keepsakes in the form of LSA ascots, bandanas, pocket squares or even a scarf. We are thrilled to now offer the Heritage Revival Program. Send us your loved one's clothing or even your favorite garment from back in the day; whether it is an old muumuu from your grandma or your fathers favorite business shirt that your remember him wearing when you grew up, and we will transform them into one of a kind LSA items! So go back into those closets and pull out those tucked away garments that have that particular memory and let us breathe new life into them with our Heritage Revival Program.

Old shirt turned into new items ascots, bandanas, pocket squares

How it Works

STEP 1 — Picking your Gament

The first step is deciding on the vintage piece you wish to transform. We can work with a large variety of clothing pieces, but it is important that you pick fabrics that lend themselves well to being turned into Late Sunday Afternoon accessories. We generally work with linen, denim, cotton, knits, and silks, so if your piece is any of those they will likely transform well. Reach out if you are unsure about the garment you are wanting to revive and we can guide you through the choice.

Matthew founder of Late Sunday afternoon grading a shirt into a bandana

loved ones clothing death clothing

STEP 2 — Deconstructing

Once we receive your vintage piece, we will measure and analyze what will yield the best items from the old garment. This will tell us exactly how the creative process will unfold.


STEP 3 — Picking Threads

One of the most important parts of the process is to pick the right color combination to seal the edges of our new creation. Four thread colors coming together to create a harmonious look with the vintage fabric. This is of course unless you want something bright that will stand out!

STEP 4 — Knotting and Blessing

As with everything we make, the most important part comes when we take the end seams and tie four knots and bless them to Love, Happiness, Adventure, and Mystery. This way we seal in the intention of this new garment as a reminder for you to Bless yourself. We believe when we practice Inner Love, we create Outer Peace.

We look forward to giving your old memories a new lease on life.

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