About Us

The World is full of Short Cuts, We believe in Taking the Long  Road

Everything Starts with Intention

We started this company in order to create something we would be proud to be a part of. As we set out to create a product that was functional, comfortable, and stylish, we knew that we wanted to figure out each step of the process in our own way. We knew we didn’t want to make any compromises to our values just to make a profit. The result is a company that creates exceptional scarves, ascots, pocket squares, and bandanas — all hand crafted in our shop in Venice California using locally sourced dead-stock fabrics.

Knotted & Blessed

Our scarves are meant to be a reminder. A reminder to return to the present moment and be conscious of the blessing of being alive. We believe in the energy that flows around the world, from person to person, from moment to moment. When we finish our scarves, we leave the stitching long in the corners. We then take that extra thread and tie four knots - each one meant as a blessing for the person who will wear the scarf.


We bless your scarf so you may learn to bless yourself. When you bless yourself, you raise your own frequency, and that higher vibration creates positive ripples in your community and the world around you. Peace starts from within.

Think Different
Make Different

We didn't want to be another clothing company creating disposable fashion in a factory half-way around the world with dubious labor practices. We take pride in being a no-waste business, and creating a conscientious production process that honors the people who work for us, the earth, and our community.

How We Make Products (1 of 1) How We Make Products (2 of 1)

Our Story So Far

Over the years we’ve regularly captured video of what we’ve been up to. Here is a video album of Late Sunday Afternoon’s journey up until today:

Giving Back

We want our company to be a force for good in the world, and specifically in our local community.

Each LSA scarf is connected to a magic blankie we create for children entering foster care. They are made from scratch like our scarves, but with special blessings.


We don't believe in waste, so all of our scraps are used to create comfortable dog beds that we donate to our local animal shelter.


Our Crew

The LSA Crew