Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

The ultimate in snuggle comfort

We've created the perfect outfit for this new reality we find ourselves living in. The LSA Snuggle Suit is comfortable enough to wear all day, yet structured enough to wear when you leave the house. Once you try it on you'll see why you'll never want to take it off.


Based on the lessons we learned from creating the Apollo 1 Hoodie, the Snuggle Suit is a set of matching hoodie and bottom in four colors.

The Perfect Fabric

Everything we make at our shop is made from dead-stock fabrics that we source in Downtown Los Angeles. This gives us a random sampling of amazing fabrics. But for the Snuggle Suit, we required consistency not variety.


In the end, we chose a natural undyed 30oz, 100% French Terry Cotton. All knitted and loomed locally in DTLA. It was sanded and washed for the perfect snuggle factor.

You may recognize the contrasting thread going through the seams inside the Snuggle Suit. We use this same stitching as we use when we make your scarves. On the Snuggle Suit, it helps us ensure quality control for ultimate durability.

Whimsically Functional Details

We added little touches that make a huge difference.

Pocket System

We created a whole system for the pockets in our new Snuggle Pants. We did this to ensure the contents of your pockets stay in place and are protected.

We also knew that with such thick fabric the pockets would be bulky if we kept it the same heavy weight terry. So we created an anti-microbial pocket system with special elastic to keep your phone in place.


Secret Pocket

To keep your valuables protected we created a secret pocket inside the kangaroo pouch. Made from antimicrobial fabric, the pocket keeps your smart phone tucked close to your stomach, and prevents the pouch from slouching under the weight of your phone.

Since keys have a tendency to wander off, we added a hoop for safe keeping.

Quality Construction

We wanted everything about our Snuggle Suit to be top quality — from the ideas we put into it, to getting the perfect fabric, to dying it the perfect colors, all the way down to the smallest details, we took personal pride in making sure that this was a Snuggle Suit that would stand the test of time.

We chose raglan shoulders for extra comfort and an old school look. The weight of the fabric is heavier than anything else around. It feels like a protective armor against an overstimulated world.

Made from scratch in Los Angeles, California.Made for Snuggles


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