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Indie-Pop Band


Joyeur are an amazing producer-songwriter electronic pop duo from LA. Joelle and Anna are two halves of a whole, and we love everything about them. They recently played an amazing show
 at our shop, and are starting a new LSA Music project called Sunday Sessions where they come to the shop on Sunday Afternoons to record a new song about Late Sunday Afternoon. We can't wait to see what they will create over the next couple months.

Why music?

Anna: For both of us, self-expression was always through music. We’re both sensitive in our own ways and turning those feelings into sounds made sense of everything — Jo with singing and me with piano at first.

How did you meet?

Jo: We met through Anna’s husband. He was mixing a track for me and we all started collaborating. When Anna and I got into a room together, it was pretty instant chemistry.

What are your biggest struggles?

Jo & Anna: We truly are a dynamic duo and so we have a special pairing of interests and backgrounds, but with that comes a wider set of influences. Our biggest struggle is to fuse these inspirations into one seamless bridge between genres and boundaries.

What are your favorite accomplishments?

It’s been really exciting to see our music transformed into visual stories as we get synced to TV and film. We even had our song “Fast As You Can” synced to a sex scene on The CW, which we obviously LOVED. Admittedly our parents were pretty surprised when they tuned in unaware of the context of the scene.

What part of your personality are you most thankful for?

Jo: My playful nature

Anna: I function very well under pressure

What does your favorite or ideal Late Sunday Afternoon look like?

Our ideal Late Sunday Afternoon involves creating, eating and maybe a little wine in the sun. We’ve spent a lot of time indoors at our studio, focused on recording or writing even if the weather is beautiful. That’s why we like to get outdoors and change our setting whenever we can to generate morsels of ideas in a super relaxed space.

What gives you hope for the future?

Community. Anything that can happen will happen with the power of good minds doing out of the ordinary things.

What would you like to bless the world with? Pick one word.


What excites you about being an LSA ambassador?

We love the way Thomas and Matthew bring the community together and give back where it matters. We love being a part of that process in whatever way they ask us to participate. 

What are you doing next? How can people get involved?

We’ve been spending the summer writing and recording new songs, and Djing a bunch in the meanwhile. Check out our upcoming event with HUSH on 7/20 at the ZenGallery where we’ll be raising funds for the homeless here in L.A. with an epic multi-DJ silent disco!

Where are all the places people can learn more about you?

Official website: