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Musician & California State Park Ranger

Blake plays guitar and sings in one of our favorite bands to ever play our shop — the amazing Foxtrails. We took a sunset hike in Topanga a little while back to chat about music, nature, and life.

Why music?

Looking back through my childhood, it seems there is always some type of sonic thread that connects to most memories. Marvin Gaye and Billie holiday in the kitchen, Steve Miller and Supertramp blasting at the lake house, and of course the hymns during church meetings twice a week... I was blessed to have a family who truly enjoyed a passion for music. Through my teenage years I was playing live consistently in the local music scene.. and after submersing myself in that process for years... I came to realize the power it held. It was a place I felt free to feel anything, and express it with a unique voice. Music was the language that could weave everything together for me. A sonic thread that rang universal. I could travel anywhere, and truly feel the endless history of humanity’s expression regardless of a time line or culture. I suppose that’s why I chose to express my art through music, I feel at home, and strive to add to that ancient river of expression.

What does being in a band mean to you?

A band is a really interesting concept for me. Music is very personal for me.. Feeling safe and comfortable to share feelings with other people isn’t always easy. You have to almost surrender yourself and open yourself to a new experience. Foxtrails is, and will always be about growth. We are friends first and foremost... with love we’re constantly learning from one another. It’s quite a challenge between 7 people to come together and present the same feeling. But we share a love for music, and respect each other as friends, and creative human beings. So the garden is always growing. We welcome new colors to our evolving palate and trust each other. A band to me is a family who meets you inside and outside of yourself, and yearns to share a collective feeling with whom ever is open to the experience. Sharing is caring.

What are your biggest struggles?

I’ve always been passionate about the spiritual and therapeutic aspects of listening, and creating music. As Foxtrails has gained more momentum.. the wheels of the physical realm of being in a band, have really been moving. Opportunities present themselves, deadlines and responsibilities become a part of sharing and making your art a reality. It’s exciting to travel to Mexico and perform overlooking the ocean, it’s exciting to realize your impact, and find your place in a thriving community. In the meantime shows and deadlines quickly add up. So creating freely becomes a little more challenging. Finding the freedom and magic again takes a new level of dedication. But sharing your art, and connecting to a bigger picture is undeniably worth it.

What are your favorite accomplishments?

Being able to hone in on what I feel is important to share with others. Finding inspiration from how and where I was raised and bringing that flavor to folks in new communities. I am proud of the connection that is created. Secondly, I am so thankful to be supported by community that shares in my values and being able to feed and be fed by that community is a beautiful thing. I know it can be hard to find and I am eternally grateful I have that I found it and am proud I contribute to that.

What part of your personality are you most thankful for?

I’d say the part of my personality that I am most thankful for stems from my Ma. It’s just pure love and intention in everything you do. She taught me to be humble and care for others and myself in a way that is invaluable. She raised me to appreciate people and cultivated my empathy. I’m emotional. I happy cry often and I love that.

What does your favorite or ideal sunday afternoon look like?

Waking up in a cabin, windows open, to the sunrise. White linen sheets and biscuits and gravy. With my future family. A short walk through the meadow to the river. Fly fishing with the kiddos and then an epic picnic.

What gives you hope for the future?

Children and the people who selflessly give their time and energy to encourage the human connection.

What excites you about being an LSA ambassador?

To continue learning and growing from people I love and respect. I appreciate how the team freely opens their doors and truly welcomes everyone into the community. Within all the madness that Los Angeles can be, when you walk into LSA you’re immediately comforted and in this beautiful safe space. Spending time with LSA has helped me to realize the opportunity we all have to learn with every interaction. I value the mission and am humbled to be a part of that. I love that I feel the love weaved in every scarf I have.

What are you doing next? How can people get involved?

Up next I’ll be finishing Foxtrails second record and doing all the things in the studio- staying dedicated to crafting a body of music to come together as one piece, one canvas. We’re playing some festivals this summer and headlining shows around Los Angeles. We love people to come out to the shows, reach out and let us know how it makes ya feel, and share the process.

Where are all the places people can learn more about you?

Our website -

Instagram - @fox_trails

Spotify - spotify/foxtrails

Apple Music - artist/foxtrails