Venice, CA • Established 2012 • Handmade & Created By Matthew Schildkret

Finding many perfect rolls

I call it in. I've arrived at the place where no one is remembered just clumped around one another. I begin asking myself: "Why am I here? Where are you? Come to me? I can feel you. Keep an "I don't know mind". I roll my eyes, my fingers, and my energy over every roll I pass. "Why am I here? Where are you? Come to me?" I can feel you. I am here to collect you and bring you to your people. The time has come to leave this place. You will no longer sit there as a forgotten roll.

What I feel is a curiosity. There is a place inside myself, where I ask these questions. At an even deeper level, I am thinking about all the people I have met over the past year that inspire me to touch a roll of fabric I ordinarily would never touch.

The fabrics are from Earth. Haha! ; ) What I mean to say is that these fabrics come from all over the Earth. Though, they in one way or another end up in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). DTLA is actually the largest repository of fabrics rolls that have had their yardage cut and for one reason or another are not needed by the original designer/producer. These rolls are referred to as dead-stock fabric in the industry.
When I started Late Sunday Afternoon, I had not remembered that my mother's family was in production textiles and garments. Now, when I get to these places of forgotten fabrics, I feel a connection to my ancestors. Through my heart, eyes, and fingers I guide myself through and collect my beauties for my beauties. You all <3

I wander what when I search for these special rolls. When I wander, I contemplate what has been going on in the world. I stay present the feelings in my life and what I have been going through and working on.

There is a fixed design element in the fabrics I use. These fabrics all feel timeless to me. I dance with that often when I create. I love sourcing my creativity from a place that acknowledges all creations and their times. Elegance, regal, true comfort, quality; these are specific elements of my inner source for choosing specific rolls of fabric.
Matthew the founder downtown los angles searching for fabric
It has been nearly 8 years of going almost every other month to search for fabric. This time I have is my mediation. I am summoning something to which I really do not know the outcome. When we make your scarves, ascots, bandanas I work backwards. This means I do not design from a place of product. I connect with the field of fabrics.

I believe that everything vibrates. It is then my job as the maker to connect with the material I will use in order to reorient it into my creation. The magic in what happens after this is our connection. You are at a show or come into our store and see or touch a scarf you instantly know has to be yours.

That feeling you get when you claim your scarf, is the place I design and create from. When the roll of fabric is slung over my shoulder I am in a mediation of sorts. It is this energy of happiness and home. This super calm, loving feeling that I yearn to put around myself. This is my scarf and you're coming home with me.
Matthew the founder late Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles California buying dead stock fabric

Thank you all for being so wonderful and open to my world of creations. I could not have done it without you all or my team here in Venice, California. May you all have the space to be kind to yourselves and live the reality you feel in your heart. Blessings for a blessed journey.

With Gratitude,

~Matthew Schildkret

Founder & President of Late Sunday Afternoon

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