California Poppy Mask



For every mask you purchase we create and donate a mask to local hospitals and clinicsas part of our 1-for-1 program.

They are made by our crew at LSA based on templates from healthcare resources we found online. These masks have not been tested and cannot be trusted to block all pathogens. They are however better than using a bandana or similar secondary options. 

Fabric patterns and strap colors will vary from mask to mask.

The outside layer is made of silk or fine cotton depending what roll we are working with. The inside is made of synthetic interfacing which acts as a better filtration than just fabric. The straps are made from linen. These can be washed and reused.

We were already making masks and donating to local hospitals when a large number of people in our tribe reached out saying they would love to get a mask as well, and they also wanted to support our efforts to make masks for the people on the front lines, so we created this one for one offer. 

Disclaimer: This facemask should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. The facemask has not been industry tested nor has it been NIOSH approved. The decision to use this facemask is solely your own.

$ 22.00