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Inside Venice’s Hip Apparel Shop

AUGUST 30, 2022

California Live’s Laila Muhammad introduces us to Late Sunday Afternoon, a hidden gem in Venice Beach where founder, Matthew Schildkret, spreads kindness and joy one piece of fabric at a time. Learn about Matthew’s journey and find out how he gives back to the community.



Inside Late Sunday Afternoon, Venice local Matthew Schildkret crafts beachy, graphic cotton wraps on the spot.

Elle Italy

Cindy Crawford wears a beautiful LSA ascot in an Elle Italy magazine feature story.

Pregnancy & Newborn

A fashionable LSA scarf is featured on the cover of Pregnancy & Newborn as a "must have" for mothers and their babies.

Safari Magazine

LSA is listed as must visit fashion gem for your west coast safari.

Sense Magazine

An in depth look at the process of scarf making at the Venice LSA shop.


LSA is featured as the go to place to shop for your quintessential California wardrobe.

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store

Visit Our Flagship Store


Weekdays: 11 - 6pm | Weekend: 10 - 5pm


1920 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Call/text or e-mail:

310-450-0290 info@latesundayafternoon.com

From The Founder

"I always knew that creating was in me. I can't help it. Everything I have always done has been like that. Break it, create it, bend it, glue it, anything to get the feeling of the vision. Bringing things into the material plane from the heart/mind is a process that has no boundaries. It is a objective that the very act is feeding my soul."
— Matthew Schildkret

Everything Starts With Intention

I started this company in order to create something I would be proud to be a part of. As I set out to create a product that was functional, comfortable, and stylish.

My intention with Late Sunday Afternoon is to produce handmade goods that are filled with details and quality. I set out to make clothing, accessories, and home goods that are made for snuggling. My creations are all meant to be timeless. To exist 20 years in the past or the future.

I am so honored and grateful to be able to produce locally here in Venice California since 2012. Please come visit our store and say hello!

With Gratitude,
Matthew Schildkret • President & Founder



Our scarves are meant to be a reminder. A reminder to return to the present moment and be conscious of the blessing of being alive. We believe in the energy that flows around the world, from person to person, from moment to moment. When we finish our scarves, we leave the stitching long in the corners. We then take that extra thread and tie four knots - each one meant as a blessing for the person who will wear the scarf.

We knot & bless our creations to Love, Happiness, Adventure, and Mystery. We bless everything so you can practicing blessing yourself. How you speak to yourself is how you show up in your world.


We choose not to be another clothing company creating disposable fashion in a factory half-way around the world with dubious labor practices. We take pride in being a no-waste business, and creating a conscientious production process that honors the people who work for us, the earth, and our community.

Echoes of Hope

With the first and last yard of every roll of fabric that we use, we make baby blankets for children in the Echoes of Hope program.

For the past four years we've been donating custom made blankies to foster kids in Los Angeles. We were working with the DCFS which takes care of kids as they transition into foster care. They are lovely people, but they do not allow contact with the children. So every year we make blankies that go out of our shop and we know they are going to kids who will love them, but we never got to see the impact for ourselves.

Dog Beds Made from Scraps

Our production process creates little strips of fabric that in the rest of the fashion industry would go into a trash bin and would eventually find its way to a landfill. We didn't want to be part of that cycle. So we talked to our friends at Groundwork Coffee and got them to donate burlap coffee sacks that we fill with our fabric strips. We then sew them up with a nice trim, and create soft yet durable dog beds for donation to our dog rescue partner Maeday Rescue.