Apollo 1 Hoodie | Natural | gen2

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>>>>We are almost sold out of our second generation Natural Apollo Hoodie. There are still a selection of vintage black still available.<<<<<

Our Apollo 1 Hoodie is over a year in the making. Designed and crafted in Los Angeles from the ground up, this is not your average hoodie. We created an extra heavy french terry to ensure you are protected on your adventures. We also added whimsically functional features such as extra padding on the arms, extra padding for the ears, a secret iphone pocket, and a built-in eyemask for your afternoon naps.

This unisex hoodie was made to feel like a protective hug. Get yours now. 

Care: Wash cold and inside out, dry low.

Material: 26oz Undyed French Terry Cotton


*Second Production round will not feature X stitching on back*

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Customer Reviews

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Nicest Hoodie I Own

I was a little hesitant to purchase it because of the price, but I am happy that I did. You can tell that it is good material and quality just by the weight of it. The cell phone pocket is really nice and works well to keep my phone secure. The extra padding and eye mask are really nice additions and really add to the comfort of the sweatshirt. It would be a perfect thing to wear on a airplane flight or if you just want to take a nap, or just want to stay warm. The sweatshirt was packaged really nicely and had a hand written thank you card. Companies like Late Sunday Afternoon are the reason why I prefer to buy from small businesses.

Johnathan Shapiro
Highest Quality - Never worn anything like this!!!!!

This is by far the coolest piece of clothing I have. They designed this with every detail. I flew to Europe and enjoyed the eye mask, the secret cell phone pocket, and honestly most of all I loved the ear pads; which stopped cold air and sound :) I am getting the pants next!